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The Cross Albums and Singles


Shove It

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 The Cross were Spike Edney (Keyboards). Josh Macrae (Drums). Clayton
Moss (Guitar). Peter Noone (Bass). Roger Taylor (Vocals).

Shove It
Stand Up For Love
Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked Wily Waitress)
Rough Justice
Cowboys & Indians
Heaven For Everyone
Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal)

All songs composed by Roger Taylor

Cat. No: Virgin V2477, CDV 2477 (UK)/7908571/7908572 (USA)
Release Date: 25 Jan 1988 (UK) 13 April 1988 (USA)
Produced By: Roger Taylor & David Richards
Engineered By: David Richards & John Brough
Recorded At: Mountain, Townhouse, Air, Maison Rouge & Mediterraneo
When: August - December 1987
Guest Musicans: Freddie Mercury (Vocals on Heaven For Everyone)
Cover Concept: Roger Taylor
Highest Chart Pos: 58 (UK)
Weeks On Chart: 2 (UK)


Mad Bad and Dangerous To Know

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Top Of The World Ma (Moss, Tylor, Edney, Noone, Macrae)
Liar (Noone)
Closer To You (Edney)
Breakdown (Noone)
Penetration Guru (Moss)
Power To Love (Macrae, Noone, Moss)
Sister Blue (Noone)
Better Things (Moss)
Passion For Trash (Macrae)
Old Men (Lay Down) (Taylor)
Final Destination (Taylor)

Cat. No: EMI Electrola PCS 7342 (UK) CDP 79 3924 2
(Not released in the USA)
Release Date: 26 March 1990
Produced By: The Cross & Justin Shirley Smith
Engineered By: Justin Shirley Smith
Recorded At: Mountain
When: September - December 1989
Cover Concept: The Cross, Stephen Bliss & Richard Gray

Note: CD has extra track "Foxy Lady"


Blue Rock

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Bad Attitude (Noone, Moss, Edney, Macrae, Taylor)
New Dark Ages (Taylor)
Dirty Mind (Edney)
Baby Itís Alright (Edney)
Ain't Put Nothing Down (Moss)
The Also Rans (Taylor)
Millionaire (Moss, Edney, Noone, Macrae)
Put It All Down To Love (Edney)
Hand Of Fools (Noone, Edney)
Life Changes (Moss, Noone, Edney, Macrae)

Cat. No: EMI Electrola 1C OB4 7976241/CD 1C 564 7976242
Release Date: 9 Sept 1991 (Germany)
Produced By: Mark Wallis
Engineered By: Mark Wallis, Assistant Engineers Chris Lawson, Simon
Van Zwanenberg
Recorded At: Real World Studios
When: February - August 1991
Cover Concept: The Cross & Richard Gray
Additional Musicians: Geoffrey Richardson (violin/viola) & Helen
Leibman (cello) on Baby It's Alright & Life Changes.
Andy & Claire Yates (backing vocals on
Baby It's Alright & The Also Rans)


The Cross - Released Singles

Cowboys & Indians/Love Lies Bleeding 1007 21 Sept 87
Shove It/Rough Justice 1026 4 Jan 88
Shove It/Feel The Force (USA) 7-99327 26 Jan 88
Heaven For Everyone/Love On A Tightrope
(Contact was a bonus track on the 12")1062 28 Mar 88
Manipulator/Stand Up For Love 1100 4 Jul 88
Power To Love/Passion For Trash 6251 23 Apr 90
Liar/In Charge Of My Heart (Germany only)1475167 6 Aug 90
Final Destination/Penetration Guru 26 Nov 90
Life Changes/Put It All Down To Love1C560-20 4547 21 Oct 91


The Cross - CD Singles

Cowboys & Indians 7"/Cowboys & Indians 12"/Love Lies Bleeding (promo
Shove It 7"/Rough Justice/Cowboys & Indians
Shove It 12".
Heaven For Everyone/Love On A Tightrope/Cowboys & Indians (Japan only).
Power To Love (Extended version)/Passion For Trash/Power To Love 7".
Liar 12" mix/In Charge Of My Heart extended/Liar 7" (Germany only).
Final Destination/Penetration Guru/Man On Fire live (Germany only).
New Dark Ages 7"/Ain't Put Nothin Down/Man
On Fire Live/New Dark Ages
(LP) (Germany only).
Life Changes 7"/Put It All down To Love/Life Changes (album)/Heartland. (Germany only - withdrawn).


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