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The Times (16/09)

Roger Taylor, the songwriter and former Queen drummer, will play his first Internet concert next Tuesday (actually Thursday, QH Ed) and then indulge in a rare online chat. He'll be performing music from his fourth solo album, Electric Fire, which is released a few days later, and some classic Queen tracks. The event, staged in the Cyberbarn, will be videoed.

Taylor's career has come a long way from playing the ukelele as a child in Cornwall and singing in Truro Cathedral choir. A career in music was so far from his mind while growing up, he embarked upon training as a dentist and finished with a BSc in Biology from London Hospital Medical College. His first job was what he calls a "Kensington Market entrepreneur" selling art and old clothes. He played guitar and then drums in small and largely forgettable bands before achieving public recognition with a band called Reaction in 1966. In 1968 he joined a group called Smile, led by a certain Brian May. By 1971, they had been joined by John Deacon and Freddie Mercury, changed their name to Queen and the rest, as they say, is history.

Q: Do you use a computer?
A:Yes, a lot, in the studio. But only hesitantly at home. I'm technophobic in a way, but I'm improving. My housekeeper is teaching me.

Q: Who uses the computer most in the household? Do the children (he has four) hog it.?
A: Yes - and they're welcome to it.

Q: Are computers good for children?
A: They're very necessary, but not necessarily good. It is good that they're growing up with computers; it's like learning another language from birth, effortless.

Q: How much do you spend on software?
A: Lots at Christmas and birthdays. Kids' games, mostly. But they're expensive and go out of date quickly.

Q: When did you First set eyes on a computers
A: 1974, in a recording studio.

Q: What is the most useful/ interesting/ offensive/ absurd website you've ever seen?
A: I don't surf much, so I've not been offended yet. But I hope if they bring in regulations, they won't be as stupid as the frequency broadcasting ones.

Q: What is the most angry you've got with a computers
A: I've frequently adjusted them with a brick. They are so good at failing. In the studios they crash all the time.

Q: If all computers crashed in the year 2000, would you care?
A: I'd be delighted. It looks like possible catastrophe, followed by a cathartic learning period.

Q: What form of technology has had the most impact on your life?
A: Flight.

Q: Who, or what, has had the most influence on your career?
A: Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury.

Q: Who would you most like to interview?
A: Queen Victoria, the woman who came closest to ruling the world.

Q: Name one thing you've always wanted to do but never done.
A: Surf. Real surfing, not electronic. I grew up in Cornwall but was too busy travelling to London. What a waste.

Q: For what would you most like to beremembered?
A: Decent music, decent person, sense of humour.

Q:Describe yourself in five words.
A:Too difficult. Can't answer.

To see Roger Taylor's webcast, log on to Cyberbarn at http://queen-fip.com on Tuesday, (NO! it's THURSDAY!, QH Ed) September 24 at 8pm. Internet users can watch and listen to the concert live, using RealNetworks and MediaWave technology. Taylor will also be online to chat between 9-10pm.

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